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Alkaline Water Machine  - Please contact Listing ID: 1359490

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Alkaline Water Machine

Velaqua THE Only Viable Solution~~

This system is the World's First and Only of its kind...



Not just a water filter~~
Unlike other water filtration systems, Velaqua is the only quality system that filters, purifies, alkalizes, mineralizes, ionizes and creates micro-clustered water with high anti-oxidant properties. Plus our own proprietary Energy Fusion Technology!

All this in one portable unit and "NO" electricity needed. Velaqua uses only the same process as Mother Nature to produce its superior drinking water. But while Mother Nature takes months even hundreds of years, Velaqua takes the same process and requires only a few minutes to produce the same natural premium drinking water, just as Mother Nature intended. The water passes through an exclusive ceramic filter, then through a special mineral cartridge containing specifically selected minerals. This process is meant to stimulate fresh pure stream water just like Mother Nature has for thousands of years. The result is premium alkaline negative charged water that has a fresh taste, naturally soft and has strong antibacterial protection.

Produce your own Alkaline Antioxidant Rich Water at Home!

The Velaqua is a water purifier, an alkalizer, an energizer. It operates gravity feed (no electricity needed). Velaqua~~Patented, NON-Electric, Gravity fed Water System that is the ONLY one in the World to: Purify, Alkalize, Ionize, Mineralize and Micro-Cluster Water using the same process as Nature, by gravity through rocks and rare earth minerals!

It will work anywhere anytime. It converts tap water into the best tasting safe drinking water you have ever tasted! For pennies a day! Retails NOT for $4,000 but ONLY $299.

It is a very simple water system. About the size of a 5-gallon water bottle. It is gravity fed… NO Electricity or Plumbing required, completely Portable... Just pour any water in... Let 14 stages of natural filtration take place… then drink ... It's the best tasting water I have ever had... sweet, mineral rich, alkaline, negative ORP created in a balanced and natural way... like nature and NO electrolysis.

The ceramic disk part of the filter is embedded with an Ionic charge....It imprints the water with the frequency of a waterfall. This can be scientifically shown with an Ion meter... The disk has a reading of over 4,000 ions.

There is nothing like this anywhere on the market.... it's priceless..and tastes like no other....tastes great.....Basic retail... cost $299

It will serve water worldwide...everyone can afford it and needs it.

Velaqua was created so that everyone can enjoy fresh, healthy, natural drinking water without spending a small fortune. Velaqua is our revolutionary portable water enrichment system that duplicates nature’s water purification and filtration.


Nature once provided us with clean water from flowing sources such as rivers, springs, rushing brooks and streams.

Today, water and air pollutants have contaminated our Earth's water beyond our ability to cleanse it. More than 80,000 chemicals are registered for use in the U.S., with 2,000 being added annually, many will find their way into our water supply. The government regulates only 91 contaminants.

Normal tap water is considered to be drinkable, until one realizes the chemicals that have been added to it. Further inland, the source quickly becomes acidic, registering as low as 5.8 on the pH scale.

A human body needs to be at 7.2 on the pH scale to achieve a perfect state of balance and health. An acidic state below 7.2 may result in many health risks and complications.

Carbonated soft drinks are among the most acidic beverages you can put in your body. These have an average pH of 2.5 or lower. Combined with artificial colors, sugar substitutes and other chemicals, they are among the most toxic beverages in our diet.

Bottled water companies harvest water from scarce ground sources. In many cases, the water is still filled with harmful pollutants and contaminants, not to mention that most plastic bottles are not recyclable and are choking our Earth.


Nature's way of purifying water that falls into the ground is long and tedious as it seeps and trickles along the Earth's layers of natural rocks and soil. It is then slowly filtered and infused with health enhancing minerals and when it bursts to the surface in the form of a mountain spring it is fresh, pure, healthy and delicious. In some places the water even has alkaline and ionizing properties.

This natural process may take months, even years, Velaqua delivers the same results in merely a few hours as it recreates the journey similar t

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